Finally in position to buy new PC, need help/input. Lots of questions!


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Finally in position to buy new PC, need help/input. Lots of questions!

Post by WarGanisM » Wed Sep 01, 2021 10:58 am

Hi all, i am finally in a position to consider buying a Gaming PC. Like every other poor soul a year and a half ago, I was wanting to buy a GTX3080 when they were stated as a RRP of about £550-650. However we all know how that story went. I've prety much waited and waited, because i do want to get a fairluy top spec PC, but refuse to pay the atronomical amounts to get one.

At the moment i'm seeing a few sites where it appears prices have started to drop. I've come across a site called Gladiator PC, any one have an insight to this company, any good? avoid or???

I'm looking at getting an Intel PC, they have a range here that to my ignorant well outdated self seem fairly good on price compared to many other sites.
Also you can upgrade/customise various parts, and i'm not overly sure which path to take.
Is it beter to invest in a beter CPU, and then hold back on GFX card, or pay the extra and get a better GFX card?

I'm predominantly a gamer, but i do dabble in other stuff here and there, but i'm never going to be a professional CD modeller, or photshop editior. So question begs I5 vs I7 vs or new I9's? I've always been told I7's as even though I5 are good for gaming, the I7's are cooler.

When it comes to Harddrives, I'm pretty much wanting as fast as possible, whats the benefit of NVME Drives vs Solid state drives?
Also when it comes to samsung M.2 NVME vs Gen 4? I'm thinking of getting 1 NVME drive and a larger Solidstate? Are NVME suitable for gaming or just operating systems?

Ram, will 16gb be enough? or is 32 where its heading? You sort of know where theres a sweetspot for ram when it comes to gaming, you get a set amount and thats' what is needed, much how 2gb was always enough then 8 etc. I am assume the mhz rate still doesn't really mean much notable human difference? say 3000mhz vs 3600mhz?

Cooling? is there any known must have brands out there? used to be Noctura fans etc or Corsair hydros?
Same goes for Power supply, i assume a 750w would be enough? Stay with Corsair? or???

My budget is between £1300-£1800 absolute Max, i've had alittle play as the different price jumps, allow for different customisation options.
What are thoughts on this?
Customise changes
- MPG Gungnir 110R Case
- I7 10700KF
- MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus ATX Mobo
- 2 x 8GB Corsair LPX Vengeance 3600mhz black
- 12gb Nvidia Geforce ampere RTX 3060
- 250gb Samsung 970 Evo plus m.2 nvme SSD
- 1 TB samsung M.2. PCI-E 4.0 nvme
- Corsair hydro 100x watercooler 240mm
- 750w corsair RM750 Gold+
- Cable Management
- Thermal paste
- plat warranty

Open to large amounts of laughing, and hopefully good suggestions. Feedback welcome, or maybe a different starting point and upgrades.
-Evl I have looked at Anglian internet seen their Gaming systems that have 3060TI are they open to customisation? etc

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Re: Finally in position to buy new PC, need help/input. Lots of questions!

Post by peglegswansoon » Wed Sep 01, 2021 1:10 pm

I tried knocking up the same spec on pcpartpicker and it comes out to £1569.66:
That doesn't include building, cable management or warranty so I'd say the price you're paying is pretty good. If you can find the GPU for a reasonable price building yourself would probably still be cheaper. But if you're not into that then I think you're still getting ok value.

Some things based on personal experience (others feel free to counter!):
  • RAM speed isn't very important once you go over 2333MHz. More RAM is almost always better than fast RAM. 16GB is fine, 32GB is future-proof.
  • NVMe SSDs will make your PC boot faster than SATA SSDs. They won't have a huge impact on games YET - but GPU DirectStorage is around the corner, this tech will supposedly benefit a lot from faster NVMe drives
  • Is your heart set on Intel? AMD CPUs have gotten very competitive with Intel recently, especially if you're not looking at the absolute top-of-the-line models. Generally AMD CPUs are better for multi-threaded productivity/non-gaming tasks. The difference probably comes down to what games you play, might be worth looking at some benchmarks.
  • I'd say the clock speed and core count on Intel CPUs are more important than the i-number. The i7 10700KF looks good in both regards to me (8c/16t, 5.1GHz boost). As a rough guide tho, 10th-gen+ i5s only go up to 6 cores, while i7s and i9s are 8.
  • I was told that Intel CPUs with hyperthreading are actually slower for gaming that those without hyperthreading. That may be true, but I found out the hard way un-hyperthreaded models are slower for everything else. Would not recommend.
  • CPU vs GPU? Again it really depends on the games. Benchmarks!
  • Water-cooling is generally only necessary if you're going to overclock. But afaik water will be quieter than air-cooling regardless.
  • 750w PSU should be fine for you current specs. But if you're planning to upgrade to an RTX 3080 you'll be on the minimum recommended amount. I'd go 850+ for that just to be safe.
Hope this helps!

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Re: Finally in position to buy new PC, need help/input. Lots of questions!

Post by Spriggs » Wed Sep 01, 2021 4:15 pm

Regarding the CPU vs GPU, whichever one is the most expensive is the one that you will want to be running at full capacity. There is no point in getting a RTX 3090 but have it bottlenecked behind an inferior CPU and vice versa.

And I look forward to the day where I can easily watercool my GPU, lord knows that will be helpful. Also keyword is "easily"
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Re: Finally in position to buy new PC, need help/input. Lots of questions!

Post by 0verzeal0us » Thu Sep 02, 2021 8:53 am

Are you averse to building it yourself? I generally spec a computer to my taste and then source the parts from various suppliers at the best price possible.

My recommendation is to buy a 11th gen CPU though. (I'm an Intel fan boy so wouldn't personally recommend AMD).
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Re: Finally in position to buy new PC, need help/input. Lots of questions!

Post by WarGanisM » Thu Sep 02, 2021 10:05 am

So having a pc consist of nothing but nvme drives isn't daft? No negatives or trades offs other than cost?

I may try and squeeze in 32gb ram if I can afford.

@zealous what CPUs are 11gens?

@spriggs are any modern CPUs bottlenecked by current GPUs?

@peggle I'm not against AMD, I just want what's best for gaming, since that's what I'll do with it mostly. I can't tell you what type of games I'll play because I'm a weird sod with gaming tastes all over the place, MMOs, FPS, RTS. So would have to be an all-rounder.

@zealous yea I'm averse to self building, don't have the time or desire, and I mostly break stuff, but I just can't be doing with the hassle. All my PCS I've ever owned have been custom builds from a local business/Evltw@.

Although I'm waiting to hear evls opinions, but not had chance to catch up with him, as our work schedules don't always cross.

I wouldn't go full watercooled, but just for the CPU. My last cooler was a Corsair hydro forget name h70? For a first gen i7.

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