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Post by Deute » Wed Jul 28, 2021 4:13 pm

Hi EBS community!
First, thanks a lot for the great time spent in your Insurgecy servers, both the current and the former games.
Last, I'm not able to find your server anymore.... Went for holidays a couple of weeks and now, I have to deal with the postvacational syndrome plus the lack of your server.... what happens???

lovely kisses,


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Re: Greetings!

Post by peglegswansoon » Wed Jul 28, 2021 6:05 pm

Hi Deute. Welcome to the forum! The server is definitely still online, although it has been less active lately. Are you looking for it using the in-game server browser? It's notoriously unreliable. The IP address is, you should be able to connect to that directly using the "Connect to IP" button bottom-left on the server browser menu. It will ask you for a password, there isn't one, just leave it blank and press OK.

I would recommend you (and anyone else, for that matter) find the server in the Steam client server browser instead. You can open that in the Steam desktop app by going to "View -> Servers". On the "INTERNET" tab change filters at the bottom to "Insurgency Sandstorm" and wait for them all to load, it can take a few seconds. Our server should always appear there. If you sort alphabetically ours is near the top, just after the server names that begin with numbers. Right-click it and do "Add server to favorites". It should now appear in the "FAVORITES" tab of the Steam browser. Much easier to find it there :) and now you can check the status any time! If you right click the server and do "View server info" it will tell you the IP, current map and which players are online. The "join game" doesn't work, but you can copy the IP from there and paste that into "Connect to IP" in-game to join.

Hope this helps :biggrin:

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