What is Enemy Boat Spotted? [new peeps read this]

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What is Enemy Boat Spotted? [new peeps read this]

Post by Age. » Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:45 pm

What is Enemy Boat Spotted?

Enemy Boat Spotted is a gaming community.

We certainly aren't a clan. We don't compete in wars or clan ladders, we don't have practice matches, training, or subscriptions.

We are just a bunch of friendly people who enjoy playing games together. We don't take things too seriously but at the same time we don't approve of hackers or people who break the rules on our servers or forum.

Dirty players are not welcome and their techniques are discouraged. We "play fair" and expect the same of others.

It is not our goal to get bigger. We are happy with a manageable sized group of like-minded people.

Our history.

We started in 2007 with 3 members,
The man with the plan, Age (currently TheProvokedPrawn),
His faithful sidekick, Sirspawnsalot (currently Spawnsy),
And the inimitable, Jack-in-the-Green (gone but not forgotten).

In the first year we put our money together and rented our first game server for BF2142, and a Ventrillo server.
We had less than fifty members, and everyone had an equal say in everything.

Over the following years we rented various other game servers, and our numbers peaked at just under 750. We were running 5 different game servers and a voip server as well.

We have had a sleep-over party once a year open to all full members, and held 2 LAN parties.

We have had members from many different countries all around the globe, and are very proud of the fact.

We are similarly proud of the dedication that some of them have shown in travelling to England to meet the community.

We used to allow public onto our voip server, but got spammed with trolls, so had to restrict it.

We had problems with under 18 year olds arguing constantly over petty things, and had to admit defeat and introduce the no U18 rule.

We had problems with sheer numbers of people wanting to have their say, so a hierarchy was introduced made up of the people who put in the most effort, time, and money.

We had problems with toxic people causing issues, so we introduced the probation period.

Literally thousands of gamers have happily come and gone as they pleased for over a decade. Thousands of inactive accounts have been deleted, yet old members have popped back up after years, recalling happy memories, and been welcomed back with open arms.

How it works.

The Admiralty.
Age, Spawnsy, and the Vice Admirals run the community for free, for the good of the community. They run and moderate the forum and game servers, pay the bills, vet probationary members, and vote on probationary members' tags.
The Admiralty are the people who have put in the most effort, time, and money. Their names on the forum are either red or orange.

Senior Warrant Officers.
SWO's are all-server admins, forum moderators, they vet probationary members and vote on probationary members' tags. Most are financial contributors too.
They are the longer-standing members and/or higher-contributors. SWO's names on the forum are pink.

Warrant Officers
WO's admin game servers and vet probationary members. The WO's names on the forum are purple.

Not all admins choose to admin all servers.
The ranks are for identification purposes. If you need help with something, it's easy to spot an admin to ask for help.

If you're not an admin, the more you post the higher the forum rank you get, but It's not taken seriously.

Any members who want =EBS= to run a game server all chip in and we get one. It's that simple. If the money runs out, we don't have the server.

All donations are voluntary. There are no subscriptions or fees.

Discord has made a 'members only' rule pointless, so it's open to friends of members. All members can invite their friends, and have admin rights on the Discord server. This is done with the intention of 'showing our colours' so that like minded people can identify and join up if desired.
All insurgency-playing members are admins on the insurgency server.

Suggestions and requests are always welcome. If you have one, please send a personal message to an admin. That admin will either deal with it, or pass it on for consideration as necessary.

This forum is our place to chat about anything and everything. If you are reading this and thinking it sounds good, then we want you!

Sign up and follow the simple instructions, then poke about, see if anything makes you laugh, smile or frown and reply to it. Feel free to post your own stuff too. We like reading things and we love keen new members who want to contribute. :-D
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