Armistice Day Remberance

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Armistice Day Remberance

Post by 0v3rz34l0u5 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:46 am

I just thought I would start a discussion about Armistice Day. I’m starting it to share stories of anyone who served to remember them. I know a lot of members have served in the forces and others, such as myself, have not. Please delete this topic if you feel it has no place on the forums.

During WW1, my paternal Great Grandfather was a soldier who fought in trenches. He was one of the lucky ones who came home.

During WW2, my maternal Grandparents were consciousness objectors, however, as Quakers, they still supported the war effort by serving in the FAU (Friends Ambulance Unit) or the FRS (Friends Relief Service).

My paternal Grandfather was in the RAF (but not a pilot) and went to Nagasaki not long after the nuclear bomb had dropped.

I’ve not got any other family members (that I know of) who have served, however, I have countless friends who have been to Iraq and Afghanistan. Some who survived with no ordeal, others who have PTSD and others who have lost limbs due to IEDs. Thankfully, I do not know of anyone who were killed whilst serving.

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Re: Armistice Day Remberance

Post by DarkDeamon » Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:01 pm

It's a painful time of year for me looking back on friends and family.
Both my grandfathers fought in and survived WW2. My paternal grandfather wouldn't talk about the war but he had a hell of a lot of medals
My maternal grandfather came back but died a number of years later due to complications on injuries he received during the war
My dad did national service and terrorised Germany with his driving
My godfather caught the last days of the war in the far east and ended up serving with distinction for many years with the Gurkhas
My best friends older brother died in the Falklands
A friend of the family died in Iraq 1
Since I joined in 90, the closest I've been to nasty is Yugoslavia but our unit was pulled out after only a short time. Two friends who stayed out there came back with PTSD
I also missed out on a fun filled tour to Nato HQ in Afghanistan as my security clearance was due to lapse and they couldn't get it re-instated in time. The HQ was hit by a series of rocket attacks and a suicide bomber about 2 weeks after I was due to arrive!
Since I joined 8 good friends have paid the ultimate price, 5 while on active duty, 1 in a RTA on his way home from work and 2 by their own hands.
14 people I know are suffering from their time serving, PTSD, physical and other forms of mental health issues relating to their time in the forces. I'm not including me in that number as my PTSD relates to something outside the service.

Time and again people are paying with mind, body or life leaving behind grieving family and friends while the fucking politicians and bureaucrats sit in their nice, warm, safe offices in London, cut the budgets, ignore or go back on the covenant, generally make things harder and more unsafe for the troops on the ground and shit on them & their families back home with their policies.

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Re: Armistice Day Remberance

Post by Ztranier » Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:12 pm

i have never been to any army at all, but i have to honor and say thank to all of those that helped the country i live in to free it from the NS regime
several people of my family died by, hmm. not fighting that regime , but they didn´t wanted to be members tho, so they hadn´t had enough food to survive the trail from east prussia to the rhineland.
thanks to all of them that do fight versus people unworthy leaderships

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