Warrant Officers?

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Re: Warrant Officers?

Post by TokaiTele » Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:47 pm

Fair enough Spawnsy.

Yes, I would pipe up if there is a potential git wanting to join. In fact, I pipe up a lot. lllllllllot of piping :-)

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Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer
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Re: Warrant Officers?

Post by Ztranier » Wed Mar 14, 2018 7:13 am

affirmative @Spawncy

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Re: Warrant Officers?

Post by taran » Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:28 am

spawnsy has put it really well in his above post.

Its not as simple as I had originally thought. I will expand as have been asked what happened.

Recently I had suggested promoting somebody, for two reasons to recognise thier input in the community and give us another voice in the proby record department as we have allot of them at the moment, with not many WO's on. I felt we were lacking in input.

But the last time we promoted people it did not go exactly to plan, through no fault of thier own, 3 of them quickly found another game PUBG and Arma, and our leader and another existing WO concentrated on PUBG, so we lost 5 people who were regularly inputing on proby record, and that change in input was showing.

It was decided that firstly the member suggested had not been here long enough and any promotion would be put on hold until a decent amount of time had passed, which is fair enough, considering EBS is sometimes like the NHS.

I did also suggest historically and did again, having a lower rank that could comment, but understandbly it was felt they did not want to mess with the ranking system, again not create any more bloat....makes sense.

It was pointed out that historically probie records were not alwasy so full, so an empty record isnt a bad thing, and felt that it wasnt needed.

As we have so many probies jumping on when the few of us who can comment are on the server does not really work, we only have ten slots and I must admit I dont know 2/3 rds of the new poeple, when this happens it becomes a bit like a kicking circus.

Also we all know that when sandstorm comes out, that our server will gradually shut down, it is rummored to go to open alpha in a month, and I will personaly hire a server when they become available.

I still think other suggestions should be welcome, and I feel if those of us who maintain the servers and play on the servers still feel there is a problem we should bring it up again in the future and ask to look at different solutions.

For now we will need to adapt and continue the best we can.

its all good and great to see people who give a shit.

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