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Re: Mental Health Support

Post by Projectblue » Thu Oct 04, 2018 10:21 pm

@yozz1982 I hear you and you don't know how sad I am to read your post.
When I was struggling a while back, I wrote something on FB, I worded it badly (possibly subconsciously on purpose) and within a short time I got a call off someone. Someone in EBS (who will remain nameless but they know who they are) and I am indebted too. Because at that moment, my empty world of loneliness wasn't so empty. That someone who I profess I thought I didn't know so well, and whom I never expected to care. Did. And did so enough to pick up the phone and say "What's wrong?" And when I said how surprised I was to hear from him, he said "I can't read that and NOT phone you". And we chatted. And at that moment I realised I didn't have to deal with my problems alone.

I won't be melodramatic and say that person reached out and caught my hand as I went under. But I can say that EBS has been the lifeboat that stopped me being lost at sea.

Despite kind people saying 'it will get better' - I had no faith in their words. I was too far gone I thought. Well, they were right. It does get better. You will need time, and possibly some professional help. There are people trained to give you the tools to help you find your way out from where you are. Some of those are prescription pharmaceuticals. Don't refuse them based on stigma or your own preconceptions. I spent years suffering because two doctors refused because 'I should be able to deal with it' and in my darkest point, a new doctor said 'you need help'. And a mild dose of Serotonin inhibitor later and it's like I was back to where I should have been a long, long time ago.
It's not THE answer. But it maybe the starting point. But then so might camping by a lake/beach/mountain/goat :-)

Sorry if this seems patronising, I know you are an intelligent chap, I just wanted people to know it's ok to talk about it.

You can make it. There are people willing you on to find the way including me. PM me your number or FB if you like. I know how hard it is to reach out. But know that it's never a problem. It will never be a bad time. Even though you will convince yourself it is ;-)

Wishing you the best
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Re: Mental Health Support

Post by Mic » Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:02 pm

what i will say to you mate is dont give up on people for a long time i shut the door on everyone and stayed contained in my own world telling no one how i was feeling no motivation to do anything.

first step and this can only happen when your ready for it is talk to people totally separated from your life and situation, explaining how you feel to a complete stranger begins a self analysis that make you look deep into your life and the things that are really important to you. short goals won it for me i.e yeah im going to sort this little problem out today then the next day sort another, before you realise it the things that you never realised that were getting you to the point your at are not that important at all.

i was sacked from my job 5 years ago at the local school because they reckoned that they could do my job in house better for less money at the time i was crushed and it nearly ended me and that was really the tipping point.

5 years later the same school with a new academy trust have taken over they head hunted me because of the reputation i had got me to come back and they are already talking about promotion into the health and safety and statutory compliance trouble shooter for new school that they take over into academy status. the post im in is very stressful but i can now cope with it because i just make sure i complete at least 1 thing a day.

stay strong buddy when your ready reach out if you wanna talk pm me i will gladly give you my mobile and will sit and listen to you for how ever long it takes and if you want try and help guide you through it.

its horrible its hell as you say in your post but there is an escape you just have to take the first steps and then keep on taking them before you know it your running again

good luck

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Re: Mental Health Support

Post by Spawnsy » Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:39 pm

Love and hugs.

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