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Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:11 pm
by kentone
Who can become an insurgency moderator (say admin)?

Sometimes the line on who can become a moderator and who can't it's not clear, but since on this insurgency is not possible to give admin levels right now, we want to put the requirements and conditions here for new admins to come:

You have =EBS= tags for at least 3 months, probation members cannot be moderators.
You have to read the best practises carefully.

-You played at least 5 hours per week on the current month.
I have a fancy excel where I put the amount of hours this month from battlemetrics and does the calc for me ;)

-You did a donation at least 3 months ago.
I know not everyone can donate, but you have two options, play a lot, or put your $$ on the tip jar to keep the server up. During those 3 months you can ask for the rights if you want to.

Once you became an moderator you will keep that rights unless:

-You start kick or ban people like a crazy old man with his shotgun and his rocking chair puts people out of his property.

-You start to kick or ban people by mistake because you are not able to use the moderation panel effectively.

-You go out of the community.

Always remember that being a moderator is a duty, not a privilege

Current Sandstorm admins will not be removed, this conditions applies for people that asks for it from now.


Posted: Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:11 pm
by kentone
Server moderator good practices:

1. Explain the rules to the new players, do your best to be understood, always in a friendly way.

2. If someone is not following the rules after that, try to communicate with them directly in a friendly and clear way:
-First make sure you are being heard or read, if the player does not respond and keeps up the bad behaviour you are free to kick them.

3. If someone starts to argue try to explain why we have this rules and recommendations:

-This is a gentlemans server, so your fun starts by respect the other players.

-We ask if everyone is ready to regroup, wait if someone is ressuplying, placing explosives or calling for air support.

-We wait for enemies because they always push at first, and we advance slow to avoid flankers.

-You need to respond and try to communicate because this is a tactical server.

If after that they not respond you can tell them that they can go to another server of follow the rules.

4. Be patient with foreign players who has a low level of english.

Even if english is requirement to play, theres some good players that can misunderstand you if you speak to them too fast or using slang, if that happens use a very simplified english to communicate.

5. Do not recruit.
We only want people to join EBS because they are interested and they make their one way to the forum. Don’t explain how to join, make them read the forum.

Reasons to ban:

-Continuous disrespects to the admins or other players. (Insults, teamkillings…)

In short, anything that common sense tells you that is not right.

Any ban should go to the hall of shame on the forum:
With the name of the player, steam ID (if you are able to find it) and the reason.

For the moderators behavior:

Send me a PM on discord or the forum saying "Im agree with the best practises" once you asked for the rights to know you did read this document ;)

-Try to reason with the people first.

-Do not heat the arguing, do not put your voice up. Sometimes if you start to put your voice up the other one will do too, so keep things cool.

-If you enter the arguing and you have the temptation to ban, maybe first kick, cool yourself down, and try to speak with the player again on other moment. Anyone can have a bad day.

-We are better than that and we should solve the troubles like grown men! ^^


Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 1:53 am
by Ztranier
nice Posts @kentone


Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:48 am
by kentone
Happy moderation! ;)