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Steam Link app

Post by Kentone » Mon May 21, 2018 7:09 pm

Well, so, last week Steam finally released Steam Link app for android.
What that's mean? That you can now stream games to any android device on your home.
I tried it with my android tv and it works pretty good, if the controller is detected by android you can remap it on the app, even if its not a xinput standard controller, and it has acceptable latency.
Also if you have a bluetooth gamepad, you can use it with your phone as the PS Vita or sony smartphones do with the PS4 :D

I put the link here:

Steam Link (BETA)


The setup it's pretty easy:
1. Open steam on the PC
2. Seach for the PC on the android device using the Steam Link app
3. Steam Link app will give you a code, and your Steam on the PC will ask for this code, put it and done, the PC and app are linked now.
4. Configure your controller mapping on the Steam Link app.
5. PLAY! (You will see the full screen UI of steam on your android device once you press the play button.)

The drawback is that it does not work without a controller (yet!)
It's a beta, so depending on the device and what you do, you can find some glitches out there.

Have fun :D

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