Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force multiplayer for free.

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Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force multiplayer for free.

Post by Ellis Dee » Tue Jan 09, 2018 6:33 pm

Check this out if you were a fan of it when it first come out. ... 647.0.html
With permission from Raven Software and CBS, The Last Outpost is proud to present the complete Holomatch experience, available for free. Based on Thilo's icculus Quake III engine conversion, this installer provides players with unrestricted access to the game's online multiplayer, no CD key required. We've also taken the liberty of including several user-created maps and player models to give players even more content, providing the best balance of variety and quality. As Commander Data once said,
Known Issues:

• Resolution defaults to full screen 640x480.
• No in-game options for display 4:3 resolutions above 2048x1536 and 16:9 resolutions above 856x480.
• No in-game options for 3:2 and 21:9 aspect ratios.
• All of these problems can be fixed by setting /r_customwidth and /r_customheight to your desired window size.
• For example, you would type /r_customwidth "1920";r_customheight "1080" in console for 1080p displays.
• /r_fullscreen "0" can be used to force windowed mode.

• No in-game options for anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering.
• These must be set manually via your graphics card's control panel.

• Some maps encounter framerate loss on high-end hardware due to deprecated OpenGL optimization issues.
• Renaming the game .exe will flag optimal AMD and NVIDIA OpenGL driver paths and improve performance.
• quake3.exe has been tested and confirmed to improve performance on NVIDIA and some AMD GPUs.
• WolfSP.exe has been tested and confirmed to improve performance on some AMD GPUs.
• Any shortcuts created prior to this change will need to be adjusted by the user.
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