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Titanfall 2

Post by rattyocaster » Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:44 pm

Hi Guys, so I've been a fan of Titanfall since the release of the first game and I spent a lot of time playing that whilst those around me slagged it off at the time, each to our own I guess. However it seems that Titanfall 2 has had a warmer reception, not least because it has a really good campaign, but also because it's multiplayer is far more balanced. The smart pistol DOES still exist, at least it's only a boost (you get so much of your titan ability ready and they give you a boost, CoD players would probably see this as similar to different tiers of kill streaks or score streaks and you lose it when you run out of bullets, or, more likely, die) so at least that hateful thing isn't a constant threat anymore although people still complain about it.

Anyway, I thought I'd start this thread to see if we could share our tips and tricks and possibly coordinate to have a few games. I usually play Titanfall 2 on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings and I'm known as rattyocaster on EA Origin so by all means feel free to add me.

I do have one really clever trick which does come from the first titanfall but works in Titanfall 2, if you see a titan going to nuclear eject and the titan your in cannot get out of the way (Legion and Scorch cannot boost by default) you can force yourself to eject (Default command, press X then press E three times), whilst the eject animation is in progress you're invulnerable which means you are safely ejected out of the blast radius, you lose your titan but at least you're still full aware of what is going on rather than being killed and spawning somewhere else on the map. This trick takes some finesse and a bit of luck but it does work.

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