Hardware/Software/Games bargains thread

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Hardware/Software/Games bargains thread

Post by Hg80 » Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:41 am

Thought i would start a thread where we could share deals found on PC hardware/software and games.

so here goes
Func MS-3 R2 5670 DPI Gaming Mouse £9.99 (reduced from around £50) Review here & here
Func Surface FS10-R2-Large Gaming Mouse Mat £2.49 (reduced from around £25-£30)
Func Surface FS10-R2-Extra Large Gaming Mouse Mat £2.49 (reduced from around £25-£30)

Reason for the huge drops in price, the brand Func is defunct, its been purchased and re-branded as fnatic gear

I have purchased the mouse and XL mouse mat and they are an absolute bargain!

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