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Re: Division 2

Post by warlock359205 » Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:33 am

Tbh@ blue &prawn , the first division got excited with the intro video but didn't like the game as it felt you had to have 10 fingers on each hand with the amount of controls and metro played the first 2 renditions and the cut scenes got longer each time, so didn't bother with exodus, to much like the old stalker games, as I am getting older and slower the only game that has taken my interest is the last of us but it's only on PS4 so can't get it , as for the getting older bit I mean I prefer games where the pace is slower and more tactical I like sandstorm with the EBS members because as a team you still don't have to rush through the game, I hate these players who brag about "I finished the whole game in three hours" what's the point in that.

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