VR experiences on the cheap


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VR experiences on the cheap

Post by Harrod200 » Mon Mar 04, 2019 3:28 pm

For Xmas this year, I got this set of smellies, including the world's cheapest phone VR headset.

Clearly, the promotional headset was shite in just about every way, but it did make me wonder if there was a way to go cheap but functional; previously, my VR experience had been an hour in DNA VR in Londonium, which was quite fun, but the price and lack of space at home form a bit of a barrier.

Pairing this headset with Riftcat was really surprisingly effective, and for a while I was seriously considering upgrading/sidegeading my phone to get a higher res screen; 1920*1080 isn't enough for two screens for a long term, but is functional enough. Playing Subnautica and ETS2 in VR was a curious experience; ETS works fine with a controller, but Subnautica would definitely be better with 6DOF controls.

Riftcat now supports 3DOF controllers, and can turn a second phone into a virtual 3DOF (not sure about that TBH; no feedback on where the buttons are seems to kill it for me), but having not played with 3DOF, I don't know how it compared to 6DOF; I can't imagine most VR PC games would play well without the physical movement aspect. That just doesn't make a full fat Rift or Vive setup worth investing in, and I wonder how the Gen2 onwards will improve on the functional but clunky Gen1 devices from both sides.

Given the lack of games that are out there which I can experience from a seated position and with a controller, I've not really gone much further. but am keeping a quiet eye on the possibility of a pairing of Oculus Quest with Riftcat in the future; wireless PC VR gaming with 6DOF controls . If the price could get down to around £300 with most of the functionality, I could see myself getting into it.

What experiences have the rest of you had?

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