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Post by 0verzeal0us » Thu Jun 18, 2020 7:46 am

Now the Nightfall (v1.7) update has been released, here is a list of all the added NV kit available.

Night-vision Goggles (NVG)
  • Available in the Accessory slot
  • Each faction has two available types, with different image quality and FOV
  • Each type is available in Green, Amber, White Phosphor, and Multicolor color filters
  • Increases nighttime visibility substantially, but still will have dark spots where there is little ambient light
  • When worn, will slow down aiming down sights speed
Infrared Laser weapon upgrade (IR Laser)
  • Available for all Primaries and Secondaries
  • Projects a laser beam and dot only visible when wearing Night-vision Goggles
  • Helps target enemies without ADS and indicate to teammates which angle you are watching
  • Useful when combined with NVG Point Shooting upgrade (see below)
Infrared Flashlight weapon upgrades (IR Flashlight)
  • Available for all Primaries and Secondaries
  • Projects a beam of light in a cone only visible when wearing Night-vision Goggles
  • Useful in very dark areas that Night-vision Goggles can’t fully illuminate
Flashlight weapon upgrades
  • Available for all Primaries and Secondaries
  • Projects a high intensity beam of light in a cone
  • Useful to see targets far away and to blind enemies, but will reveal your position
Night-vision Scopes
  • Available for 4x and 7x optics
  • Attaches a second scope to an existing optic to give its sight picture White Phosphor night vision
  • If Night-vision Goggles of a different color filter are worn when aiming down a Night-vision Scope, the scope’s sight picture will appear as the color filter of the Night-vision Goggles
NVG Point Shooting weapon upgrade
  • Available for all Primaries and Secondaries
  • If selected for a weapon, when aiming down sights while wearing NVGs, free-aim will disable and the weapon will “lock” to a position where it points to the center of the screen
  • Useful when combined with Infrared Laser weapon upgrade
Having NV on permanently (i.e. not a scope) is really useful although it gives you zero protection against gas. A torch (IR or not) is really useful too for the areas of low ambient light. I have this on my secondary rather than my rifle which has an IR laser. I haven't found my preferred colour of NV yet but I'm leaning towards amber at the moment as it's softer on my eyes.

Finally, the one thing I do not like AT ALL is the NVG point shooting. It means I can't use the scope unless I'm using the bipod. Ugh

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Re: Nightvision

Post by Lythnic » Sun Jun 21, 2020 1:32 am

Nice post!
Have to disagree on NVG point shooting though, I love it. No scope to obstruct the view. You are stuck on 1x though of course
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Re: Nightvision

Post by Chimp » Sun Jun 21, 2020 9:23 pm

NVG point shooting is for the John Wick's out there, so naturally I use it.

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Re: Nightvision

Post by peglegswansoon » Mon Jun 22, 2020 1:32 pm

Do agree, NVG point shooting is a lot of fun combined with an IR or regular laser. The IR option gives you a nice line indicating exactly where you are pointing to your team and is a bit easier to follow. The regular laser gives you a GTAV-style "dot" in the middle of your screen tho, makes aiming very clear and easy :P
Would be fun to have that as an option even without NVGs on, but might be a bit overpowered...
I also heard the devs want to make it possible to toggle on the fly, once they figure out how to do the switchable magnifiers the community keeps asking for!

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