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Re: Insight, tips, tricks. No chat plz.

Post by peglegswansoon » Tue Aug 27, 2019 2:03 pm

Some tips to do with Technicals!

When stationary, try to keep the front end of the truck in cover. It will be a smaller target for rockets and basically impervious to bullets, as they only seem to damage the truck if they hit the engine.

Similar to the explosive drone, trucks attract a lot of enemy fire. If possible your teammates should try to shoot at the enemies while they are distracted. This also helps prevent the gunner being overwhelmed.

Trucks are good for slow rolling advances. Since the gunner's field of view is restricted by the shield, the driver should call out any targets they see. The driver surprisingly well protected by the windscreen so don't worry if you are getting shot at for a few seconds more than you are used to... But at the same time, if it gets too hot don't be afraid to retreat.

Bots are laughably sneaky when it comes to Technicals. They will run halfway around the map just to steal one you abandoned 3 points ago and come shoot you with it. That's why if you decide to stop using one you should destroy it. Instead of using ordinance you can usually take one out with 1-2 magazines to the engine. Works best if you shoot straight on at the front grill.

The gun has unlimited ammo. However if you shoot the gun for too long at once it will overheat, so try to fire in bursts of max 10-15 shots to let it cool down.

You can duck using the crouch key when in any seat including the gun. Inside, this will make you a little harder to hit. When on the gun this hides you behind the shield completely, but you can't shoot. But if you are being overwhelmed by incoming fire you can use this to bob up and down between bursts or when turning to face new targets, reducing your exposure.

Grenades and fire will damage vehicle occupants more than the truck itself, often killing them without destroying the truck.

You can resupply while inside the truck if it is driven to a spawn zone using the M menu trick.

When climbing onto the gun, it is the most consistent if you approach the tailgate directly from the rear even if the gun is pointing in a different direction. Don't faff around at the sides or a teammate (or worse, enemy) will hop on instead.

The Marksman's anti-materiel rifles can penetrate the gunner's shield, but from my experience the truck's own .50cal gun can't. With any other gun, keep shooting at the gap in the shield. If the gunner is facing you he will be exposed. If he is blocked by the side of the shield you can usually shoot at his feet instead.

The gunner can aim low enough to shoot their own driver/passenger if needed. Enemy bots will jump on your gun and do this to you if you are not careful! There is even a Steam achievement for doing so.

Like normal bots, the gunner will track and shoot you through walls. Except their gun is big enough to still hit you! Basically, don't peek him because he will win, even if you duck back into cover after realising your mistake. Wait for the gunner to be distracted by a different target before engaging.

C4 and IEDs don't have to be particularly close to destroy a truck. It doesn't need to be directly underneath. I think the distance is around the same as the kill radius against infantry. I have heard rumours that bots will avoid placed vehicle mines, but I have never seen one attempt to dodge a C4/IED.

During some counter-attacks you are able to see where the enemy Technical spawns. If using a rocket, try to destroy it immediately. Even if the bots have spawn protection the truck doesn't, and if you are even a few seconds late a gunner will jump on and instantly start shooting at you, the only chump exposed to him!

Do not jump on top of an occupied Technical as this can glitch out and cause the truck to bounce/flip. This often gets the truck stuck and can kill the gunner (and you) by crushing them or dropping them through the map. However you can also use this trick to unstick a truck as long as it remains occupied.

A player on the back seats of the Technical can shoot their primary weapon out of the opposite window from where they are sitting, as long as there isn't a player in the way.

The windows can take a lot of punishment before breaking completely, but they are not perfectly bulletproof. You can actually shoot out bot drivers through the windscreen without breaking it.

Don't move an occupied truck without asking the gunner first, they may be positioned for a counter-attack.

Air support will target exposed trucks and gunners! While it sounds like fun to try shoot down the helis with the truck's gun, they usually fly too high for you to be able to aim at them. You should either drive to cover or abandon it to survive.

Unfortunately, destroying a friendly truck seems to circumvent the reflective team damage. The shooter will still be killed but the truck will be destroyed killing the occupants.

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